Victor got his Veterinary degree from San Marcos University – Peru in 2006. After his graduation, he worked as a broiler field veterinarian and as a technical representative for the Peruvian pharmaceutical industry for 5 years. In 2011, he moved to USA to pursue a Master’s Degree in Veterinarian Biomedical Sciences at the University of Georgia. Following his interest in viral poultry diseases, he worked for 2 years at Lohmann Animal Health on poultry vaccines’ design and development. In 2015, Victor joined the University of Calgary (UofC) as part of a joint project sponsored by the Western Canada poultry industry and the Institute for Applied Poultry Technologies (IAPT). Victor recently completed his PhD at UofC under Dr. Careem’s supervision, with a project focused on diminishing the damaging effects that variant Avian Reovirus causes to the Western Canada Poultry industry. He has also worked with Chicken Astrovirus (CAstV), Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILTV), and Turkey Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (THEV).

As a member of the valuable PHS team, Victor contributes his knowledge in poultry diseases, vaccine development, virus isolation, sequencing, and genotyping as well as designing new services and solutions for the Canadian Poultry industry.