Tibial Dyschondroplasia (TD)

Tibial Dyschondroplasia (TD) Noticing an increasing trend of problems with mobility and lameness in your flock?  Could this flock have rickets or tibial dyschondroplasia or is something else affecting their ability to move? [...]

Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HEV)

Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HEV) As a turkey producer you have probably heard about Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HE or HEV) and you may even vaccinate your flock against this disease.  It is not likely, [...]

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Early Mortality (Omphalitis)

Early Mortality (Omphalitis) Early mortality in a flock can have several causes or contributing factors but one of the most common causes is bacterial infection of the navel (omphalitis) and/or yolk sac.  In [...]

Avian Influenza Outbreaks (Canada 2014-2015)

Avian Influenza Outbreaks (Canada 2014-2015) Introduction Avian influenza (AI) is a contagious viral infection that can affect poultry as well as pet and wild birds. AI viruses are classified into two categories: low [...]

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Ascites (Water belly)

Ascites (Water belly) Have you been finding an increasing number of chickens in the flock found dead with darkened or purplish discolored heads?  Have you noticed a number of smaller birds waddling around [...]

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